Beauty in the Weeds


I’m taking a break right now and focusing on resting and getting deeply in touch with God.  We’re at a house on the ocean where nature is all around me and everything is peaceful.  I took a walk this morning to spend some time hearing from the Lord.  While on my walk I asked God to let me see the beauty of His creation.  I also asked Him to speak to me through creation.

As I walked down the street I began looking at the beauty of flowers people had in their yards.  I took pictures of things I considered beautiful.  Many of which I had never taken the time to notice before now.  Then, I walked past an empty, overgrown lot.  When I saw this overgrown lot that was so much different than the manicured lawns surrounding it I began to wonder what could be beautiful there.  Then, God showed me a weed I had never seen before.  The way the colors flowed from green to red was really amazing.  I looked at it and thought, “I really want some of these for my home.”


Then, I saw another different weed that was equally amazing.  The leaves were beautiful and odd shaped and unique.  If I had not stopped to let God show me the beauty of His creation I would have completely missed this wonderful thing He made for my enjoyment.

What the Lord showed me in this abandoned lot was that there are weeds growing.  It is so easy for us to cast off the weeds as having no value but God created value even in the weeds.  He put beauty there.  Who decides what plants are weeds and which are garden plants anyway?  God didn’t create plants and say, “You will be a weed.”  People did that.  They selected from all God created and decided that some things have value and others do not.

We do the same thing with people.  We look at people who aren’t just like us and we consider them less valuable.  We look at people who are not serving God and we see them as just weeds who are polluting our environment.  We see people who are the throw aways of society and say, “Just cast them aside.  Put them on the burn pile.  They are worthless.”  But God doesn’t see anyone that way.  He created every individual unique and beautiful.  He has a plan and a purpose for every one of us.  There isn’t a single individual who has less value than any other one.  Every human is a child of God – many just haven’t discovered that they are.


Out of the barren land God brings forth life.  Out of the ashes God brings forth beauty.  The things people often cast away as worthless are the things God values most.


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