He asked me … What would you do if a homosexual came to your church?

Had an interesting encounter with a man in an airport tonight. He sat down next to me and started talking to me.

He asked if I had a man in my life and I told him, “Yes, I have been with my husband for almost 25 years and I have children and grandchildren.” Then he asked what I did to pass the time when I was traveling for business – how did I entertain myself. I told him, “I study and prepare to teach or preach. I’m a pastor.”

So, then he said, “I’ve never met a woman pastor before. How do you feel about homosexuals?” I responded, “I love them.” 

When he asked what I would do if a homosexual came to my church I said, “Ask them to sit with me.” He was actually more judgmental towards homosexuals than I was and just couldn’t grasp “how they could be like they are.”

Then, we had a 30 minute conversation where I had to explain to him how people who were living in a homosexual lifestyle were NOT born with birth defects (what he thought) and they were just like all other people. They make choices just like the rest of us and deserve to be loved just like everyone else.

By the time I left him he was completely amazed and said he had a lot to think about because he had never met anyone who explained it like this before and all of the Christians he had ever asked these questions to had given him very judgmental answers but never reasons for what they believed. He said that I was the first person who actually gave him valid answers that gave him something to think about and left him with clear understanding.

He thought it was interesting that I said that the choice to have sex with someone of the same sex was sin just like making a choice to have sex with someone of the opposite sex when you are not married to them. Sin is sin and I don’t condone sin but don’t stop loving people regardless of their sin. I accept them just the same. They have to make choices and live with the result of those choices just like I do.

I think he was scratching his head when I walked away to board the plane …


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