The Genesis Center – A True Work for God

This past Monday a group of ladies from Covenant Church in Ferris, Texas, my home church, joined me to meet an incredible group of women at the Genesis Center in Kaufman, Texas. 

I was honored to be invited to preach at their chapel service and met a group of beautiful women whose lives are being changed daily.  One woman started the service by giving a testimony of how she has just been approved for a grant and will soon be starting college.  This might sound like nothing special to many people who read this but please understand that college was not something in reach for these women before moving to the Genesis center.  Many of these women were homeless, strung out on drugs, in abusive homes, or in countless other situations just as hopeless. 

After coming to the Genesis Center, these women found hope, love, and the help they need to build sustainable lives for themselves and their children.  The Genesis Center is more than just a place to live for a while, these women have created a home.  These women are family.  We listened to the women who lived there give testimonies of how they had been to other facilities and felt like just a number and didn’t receive the help they needed.  But when they came to the Genesis center they felt love, un-judged, accepted, and understood.  They said that when they tried to get help at other facilities they stayed there because they knew they needed to get better but at the Genesis Center they stay because they want to!

The most amazing testimony was the one that I didn’t just hear – It was one I saw with my eyes and I cannot get it out of my mind.  One very beautiful and extremely joyful young woman caught my attention and my heart.  She was so excited, full of life, and joy just illuminated everything around her.  When I looked at her I remember thinking, “She looks so good and so healthy.  I wonder why she is here.”  Later when we met her in the hallway and she spoke to us about her story I was shocked and amazed to hear her say that just three months ago she walked into the Genesis Center strung out on heroin.  She came here and got delivered from drugs.  The Genesis Center helped her detox and she takes freedom from addiction classes at the center as well as some other classes that are helping her to understand how she got into the addiction cycle and learning how to stay free from that cycle in the future.

The Genesis Center is a Biblically based program that is changing lives.  All residents are offered a wide range of classes throughout the week including biblical training, computer training, work skills, nutrition, drug addition, parenting, etc.  There is a thrift store on site that they women help to run in order to provide funding for the center.  Additional funding for the center comes from donations.

The Genesis Center in Kaufman is not affiliated with any of the other Genesis Centers in the Dallas area and does not receive any federal funding.  This is truly good ground to invest into and the work here is producing lasting fruit.


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